There are many talented people in the world. Musicians of this generation get a bad reputation comparatively, but they are a talented bunch too. Some of them are really worth our praise. Alecia Beth Moore, also known as P!nk, is one of them. She is one of the best singers and performers we have today. I am sure have heard her of before.

The video given below features one of P!nk’s most incredible performances yet. It was recorded live at the NYC-1. She called her dad onstage to join her for this performance. Jim Moore is a Vietnam veteran who wrote a poignant song called “I Have Seen The Rain”. Wait till you see him sing it with his brilliant daughter. P!nk calls him her first rockstar, and it is quite clear to see why!

Watch this heart moving performance below! What did you think about it? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section!

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  1. OMG no wonder Pink is so talented – her father is a fantastic song writer too. I do hope that this comes out on cd as I will be one of the first together. How poignant it is especially in todays political climate across the world. Thank you Pink and dad – I loved it

  2. Awesome…Had no idea it was her father who wrote this special song….I know my baby brother will love this as he is a lso a Viet Nam Veteran. Neat he’s performing it with his daughter!

  3. That was really heart warming, both my brothers served in Vietnam Nam and I lost a 19 year old cousin there…this song should be released because it fits what is happening to all of our veterans from all of our wars that Americans fought in.

  4. This was nice, sad how that war is still taking our family members from us. I wish my brother could have herd it Im sure he would have understood your fathers meaning. Pink I hope you and your Dad put this song out there so more can hear it.
    Thank You

  5. wow amazingly brilliant,seeing father and daughter sings with so much passion,sharing same thought and feelings brings tears to my eyes,,,,,,,,i can say that pink is a certified daddys little darling,just like me and my two other siblings.

  6. I would love to post this beautiful moment between Pink and her father for my friends that served in the Vietnam War but I don’t know how they would take it and I wouldn’t want to make them sad. My oldest brother that was KIA in Vietnam War a month before he was to come home. I was only an infant so I don’t have memories of him but the Vets that I’be met over the years treat me like family and I love them dearly.

  7. Pink. I’ve not listened to your music till now, and I hope you do more duets with your dad. I’m an oldie like your pop and there’s nothing more awesome to folks my age to see father and daughter compositions. So lovely – so meaningful to lives lived and lives yet to experience, good/bad, that which makes our American lives, life. You and your dad sing well together. KUDOS!! Glo


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