Since its release back in 1970, “Let It Be” by The Beatles has been covered by numerous artists all over the world. The video below features one of these incredible renditions. The song is considered to be one of their biggest hits and not many people hold a candle to the original. But these three professionally trained tenors, who are collectively known as GENTRI, have managed to do it complete justice.

In the clip, we get to see them perform their version of the classic inside a stunning church. Not only do they give a wonderful performance, but they also provide a little history behind the song. Many sources believe that “Mother Mary” in the lyrics refers to Paul McCartney’s mom, Mary. She was a big part of Paul’s life, but sadly she passed away when he was only 14. Years later, she visited him in a dream and gave him the advice: let it be.

Check out their cover below!

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