There are lots of people in the world. Some of them are simply amazing, while others are the complete opposites of these amazing people. One of these monsters threw a newborn baby on the streets of Oman and abandoned the poor thing to die.

But thankfully, a stray dog saw the baby. He was hungry and searching for food when he encountered the infant. The newborn is suspected of being around a few hours old since it still had the umbilical cord attached to its body.


The dog didn’t harm the baby even though he was hungry. But instead, he picked the infant and carried him to the closest house he could find. He wanted to help the human child and get it out of the streets and into the safety of a home.


Hearing his urgent barks, the family in the house rushed and opened the door. They were stunned when they noticed what the pooch had brought to them. They didn’t waste any time and took the baby to the hospital. Thanks to them and the heroic dog, the baby survived. It’s safe to even say that the pooch rescued the baby.

Some of us don’t really care that much about stray animals. Some of us even mistreat them. They are neglected and abused while they struggle to find enough food and shelter to survive. But this wonderful dog shows us why they deserve all our love.

( h/t: Pets Fans )

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