Brenda Sierra

I think I speak for most people when I say that if it were up to us, our pets would be allowed to tag along with us anywhere. Work? Why not. Restaurants? No food will ever go wasted. The DMV? Sure, anything to make a waiting for a registration renewal less painful.

Well, an 18-year-old from Florida is certainly living out that fantasy, as she brought her 7-year-old rescue dachshund along on the most glamorous night of a high schoolers career.

Brenda Sierra says her pet pooch, Sasha, is her best friend. She told Buzzfeed, “Anywhere that a dog is allowed, I bring her.” So, she wasn’t going to leave her bestie home alone during her big night.

Instead, using a hot glue gun and the extra fabric from her hemmed dress, Brenda made her pup a matching outfit.

Brenda Sierra

She succeeded, with flying colors.

Brenda Sierra

Brenda said that during her fitting, she had to keep taking the unfinished dress on and off Sasha, but her bestie was on her best behavior. “She was really obedient,” Brenda said. It pays to be beautiful, I guess.

Brenda’s date was totally on board with having the little girl tag along, he even asked for one-on-one pictures with Sasha.

Brenda Sierra

As for how the night went: Sasha was the belle of the ball. “She was really happy with everyone,” Bella said. “She was running around in the dress.”

Brenda Sierra

A mother-daughter night neither of them will soon forget.

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