The following video features an 11 year old medium sulphur crested Eleanor cockatoo named Snowball. He is a sanctuary bird at Bird Lovers Only Rescue Service, Inc., a non-profit parrot rescue and sanctuary located in northwest Indiana. And snowball here is quite the dancer. He is self-taught and he will with certainty leave you dumbstruck with what he does!

When his caretaker played a track by Stevie Nicks and the little bird heard it on the stereo, the way he reacts is just priceless! He immediately starts dancing and his sense of rhythm is astounding! Snowball can even improvise his steps according to the beats! This cockatoo is also famous for his other dance videos. You are going to love him for sure!

Watch Snowball dance in the video below. What did you think about it? Let us know in the comments below!

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