Dogs are one of the friendliest creatures in the world. They love to socialize with humans and other animals alike. However, sometimes they don’t get what they deserve. Take for example the dog featured in the video below. This poor girl was chained for 10 years with little to no interaction with anyone. She had no blankets, toys, or bones, and her owners often gave her food and water that weren’t clean.

Her cruel owners were even caught urinating on her from the porch. Even though the British Columbia SPCA was informed about her state, they didn’t intervene or step in to help her. But that’s when Animal Advocates of British Columbia came to the rescue. The dog had matted fur, was covered in feces and urine, and could hardly walk due to her aching hips. She was given medical treatment and has now been adopted into a loving home.

Watch her touching story in the video below.

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