A Romanian local heard the cries of some baby animals when he was walking near a road just outside of his town. He decided to call for help. That’s when a rescue organization called Howl Of A Dog stepped into the scene. The team was expecting to see some wild animal or stray dog or cat in need, but they say that what they came across was one of the worst cases of animal cruelty they had ever dealt with.

A litter of puppies were tied up in a bag and thrown away for dead. It was a miracle that they had even survived, since it was a very rainy and chilly autumn morning. Their bodies were cold and their umbilical cords were still attached to them. They took the little ones to safety, but sadly, four of the rescued puppies couldn’t live on. The remaining three made a great recovery and are almost five months old.

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The video below features the story of a brave dog called Little Belle. This poor pooch had been locked up in a puppy mill in Portugal for 12 years, giving birth to uncountable litter of puppies. But that’s when Bianca Associado stepped up and decided to rescue her. She was undernourished, had Leishmania, glaucoma in her left eye, ingrown nails, and no muscles. But soon she got treatment and was adopted in 2011 by a family in the Netherlands.

Little Belle was treated for Leishmania and she had to undergo surgery because of dental problems. She even had her eye removed. But she showed everyone that she is a survivor. Her owner says that the little girl used to be scared of almost everything, but now she has opened up tremendously. Belle loves to explore and go on adventures. She lost her eyesight completely in 2015, but even that hasn’t killed her enthusiasm towards life! Wait till you see this amazing girl for yourself!

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Kids love visiting their grandparents’ house. They can do whatever they like, even things that mom and dad forbid them to do! They get freshly-baked goods, money, presents, and what not! This is probably one of the reasons children are so close with their grandparents. And as you can see from the video below, this is true for humans as well as animals.

This precious pooch is named Georgia and belongs to Samantha Magowan. She loves going to visit her nana. In this clip, Samantha tells Georgia that she is taking her to nana’s place. But you are going to be shocked when you see how the tiny girl reacts next! It is the cutest thing ever! Every time Samantha says the word “nana”, Georgia responds so adorably!

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The adorable pooch featured in the video below is named Moses. He was brought to the Stanislaus Animal Services Agency in Modesto, California to be surrendered by his owner. But when he realized why he was there, he clung to the woman and begged her to take him back. Nancy Klein was going to leave the establishment when she saw the heartbreaking scene. Wait till you see what her camera captured.

His owner said she was moving houses, and that Moses wasn’t allowed in this new house. So she had to leave the poor pooch behind. Moses is a very affectionate dog. After his owner left, he crawled into Nancy’s lap, hoping she would take him home. She says he wasn’t very excited about the shelter since he had already had been adopted from one just about a year ago.

Moses is good with animals like cats and dogs. He is also great with children. If you can help him, don’t forget to contact Stanislaus Animal Shelter Agency at 209.558.7387. His identification number is ID#A436891.

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Daisy the dog was roaming around in Hollister when she was discovered by a woman called Susan Hilden. Seeing the dog’s state, she asked help from Diana, a rescue specialist, from Hollister Animal Lost and Found. Together they tracked down the dog’s owner. But they were stumped when they were told that the dog had escaped from her new home just two days after she was adopted from the shelter.

Daisy kept wandering alone for 2 months. People would feed her, but no one was able to capture her despite trying for weeks. That’s when a little girl called Megan stepped up to the plate. Six year old Megan and her mom had fostered around 75 dogs last year alone. Wait till you see what happens when Megan goes up to lonely Daisy. The pooch now lives with Susan Hilden’s granddaughter, Ava. Ava has become friends with Megan as well.

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Dogs are incredible creatures. They have had a wonderful bond with humans for ages now. These social creatures are not only adorable, but they are also trainable. We have used them for many things; from entertainment purposes, to sniffing out bombs, and even tracking and hunting! Some dogs are even used for therapy and service. The video below features one of these amazing dogs.

This little boy is named Pax and he was trained as a service dog to help veterans. He has been taken in by an injured Iraqi veteran called Bill Campbell. However, Pax was trained in a women’s correctional facility. Bill took the dog for a visit one day. Wait till you see what happens when the dog figures out where he is. When you see him reunite with his trainer, you are going to break down!

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Dog fighting has been practiced since the early 19th century in the United States. Though we have grown as a country in so many ways, this violent and disgusting activity has not been put to an end yet. It still continues on as an underground activity in many places. The poor puppy featured below nearly lost his life due to illegal dog fighting.

This five month old pup is named Jax. He might be young, but he has been through a lot already. When he was found collapsed on a stranger’s porch one day, they found life-threatening punctures to his head and neck. It was believed that these wounds were caused by illegal dog fighting. Thankfully, Jax was rescued before it was too late for him. However, many dogs still suffer terrible fate in the name of this horrendous activity.

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There are more than 300 Asian elephants in North America. The video below features a story about one of these beautiful creatures. Solomon James has been taking care of 52 year old Shirley at the Louisiana Purchase Zoo. For 22 years, Shirley has lived in the same plot of grass and concrete stall, but Solomon does everything he can to make her comfortable. Shirley hasn’t even seen another elephant for the past two decades, but Solomon stays by her side to let her know that she is not alone.

However, everything changed when the zoo finally understood that they couldn’t offer Shirley the life that she needed or deserved. They decided to transfer the big girl to the Tennessee Elephant Sanctuary. This was definitely good news, but this also meant Solomon had to say goodbye to his old friend. Wait till you see what happens next!

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Many people have a strong relationship with their siblings. Yeah, sometimes they fight and cause trouble, but their bond still remains unbreakable. It is unique, but strong. No matter how much siblings test our patience, they will always have a special place in our hearts.

The little toddler featured in the video below is named Remi. She is eight months old and she is a big fan of her three year old brother, Drew. One day when Remi was feeling bored, she decided to wake Drew up from his nap. She approached the couch he was sleeping on, and with a little help from their mom, managed to wake up the little boy. But unlike other people, Drew is not irritated when he gets disturbed from his nap. Instead, he goes on to do something really sweet! Wait till you see this!

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Reba McEntire is a country megastar. When she was in high school, she had already started her music career. She released her first solo album in the year 1977 and managed to have a series of successful albums and number one singles in the 80s and 90s. Many people even know her as the “Queen of Country”. Reba is also one of the best-selling artists of all time, having sold over 85 million records worldwide.

The video below features her latest song. It is titled “Back To God” and it is truly incredible. Co-written by Randy Houser and Dallas Davidson, you can find this beautiful song in her gospel album “Sing It Now: Songs Of Hope And Faith”. Wait till you hear the lyrics! You will be speechless!

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