There are lots of talent shows in the world. “The X Factor” has managed to hold its own on the entertainment business for some years now. It has provided many people with an incredible platform to show off their skills. The video below features an amazing performance from the show. You are going to be awestruck when you see this!

Lucie Jones was 18 years old when she auditioned for the show on 2009. When she said she was going to sing “I Will Always Love You” by Whitney Houston, many people believed it was too ambitious for her. Even the judges’ reactions said so. But Lucie went on to nail the cover! Her rendition of the classic is brilliant; she made the song her own!

Watch Lucie’s amazing performance below! Did you enjoy this as much as we did? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments!

Ventriloquism is interesting and entertaining, but sometimes the audience doesn’t seem to realize that it is quite tough too. If you want to succeed, you need lots of practice and dedication. Confidence also goes a long way. Making people laugh without really opening your mouth is a hard job, isn’t it? Ventriloquists are awesome!

The video below features a little girl called Darci Farmer. She is just in the 6th grade, but she has become really popular on the web because of this video. In this clip, she shows off her ventriloquism skills. She performed this in August as a way of welcoming her teachers and classmates back to school. She blew everyone’s mind when she sang “I Want to Be a Cowboy’s Sweetheart” onstage. Wait till you see this.

Watch Darci’s performance below! Did you enjoy this? Don’t forget to share what you thought about it in the comments!

Claire Ryann is just four years old. But this little girl has already tasted her fair share of internet popularity, along with her dad. The duo often uploads some covers on their YouTube channel. Recently, their rendition of songs from Tangled, Little Mermaid, and Toy Story went rapidly viral on the web. They were even invited to the Ellen Show for an interview.

In this video, we get to see another one of their amazing covers. Their version of this classic from the “Beauty And The Beast” is surely going to bring a smile to your face. The moment Claire starts singing “Tale As Old As Time”, you will be in awe. This was filmed at the Davenport Hotel in Spokane, Washington. The little girl’s voice is beautiful and the way the video is shot is amazing too.

Watch this incredible cover below! Did you enjoy this? Feel free to share what you thought about it in the comments section!

Adele is no doubt a genius when it comes to singing. She is a powerful vocalist and it’s always a treat to listen to her. Many people have tried to cover her songs, but not many can nail them. However, the talented Irish lads featured below are an exception it seems. Glenn Murphy and Ronan Scolard made a piano-accompanied medley of some hit Adele songs that went viral overnight.

Murphy asked everyone on social media to pass the video along to Adele. This seemed to have worked out well for the duo since they were pulled onstage during Adele’s Dublin concert. The singer thanked them for performing her songs “so beautifully.” The mashup includes songs like “Someone Like You”, “Hello”, “All I Ask”, and “When We Were Young.” Wait till you hear them for yourself!

Watch this incredible performance below! Do you think they did her justice? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section!

Carrie Underwood is probably one of the most famous country singers in the world. She became well-known when she won the first place on the fourth season of American Idol. She has taken the music industry by storm ever since then. She has gained many awards and has influenced lots of artists as well. The video below features one of them.

Chloe Channell is just 11 year old, but she is a brilliant singer. Despite her young age, this little girl auditioned for America’s Got Talent and managed to impress everyone in the audience – including the judges. She sang “All-American Girl” by Carrie Underwood and she did it complete justice. Wait till you see her performance! You are going to be stunned for sure!

Watch Chloe’s performance below! Did you enjoy this? Let us know what you thought about it in the comments!

The 11 year old girl featured in the video below is named Willow Osborne. She was born and raised in Tennessee, and has been a big fan of music ever since she was a kid. She does not only like listening to music, but is a very talented banjo player herself. When she was three, she went to a live banjo concert. She started learning how to the play it herself soon.

In this video, we get to see one of her amazing performances. This will surely take your breath away. Willow likes singing as well. You can even catch her performing at some local venues from time to time. Her mother has always supported her interest in music and even encourages the little girl to work as hard as she can. You are going to be amazed when you hear her!

Watch this incredible video below! Did you enjoy this? Feel free to share what you thought about it in the comments section!

Wedding is one of the most special events in the life of the bride and the groom. They do everything they can to make it unforgettable. The couple in the video below is not different. Jillian and Justin decided to make their wedding day a memorable one by doing a unique first dance in front of all their family and friends. Their guests were treated to something really unbelievable!

When it was time for their first dance, the newlyweds approached the dance floor. The duo started dancing to “I Put A Spell On You”. Their moves are really amazing. But what impressed everyone was the part towards the end. Justin is a magician and he managed to integrate a trick into their dance. He gets levitated by his bride, while the crowd can do nothing but watch! Don’t forget to watch Justin’s dad’s reaction to the “big move” at the end!

Watch this incredible dance below! Let us know what you thought about it in the comments!

Parrots are some of the most incredible creatures in the world. They are not only beautiful to look at, but they are also very fascinating. They are some of the best imitators in the world, aren’t they? They are also widely-known for their intelligence. The video below features one of these amazing birds. She is named Einstein and she is going to blow you away with her talent.

Many of you might have even come across this African Gray parrot from the Knoxville Zoo before. In the video, her caretaker asks her a few questions. Wait till you see how the cute bird answers them! I was in shock when I heard her reply! This video was recorded at the Knoxville Zoo’s Bird Show. Einstein’s routine is surely going to leave you impressed!

Watch this jaw-dropping routine below! Did you enjoy it? Feel free to share what you thought about it in the comments section!

Reba McEntire is a country megastar. When she was in high school, she had already started her music career. She released her first solo album in the year 1977 and managed to have a series of successful albums and number one singles in the 80s and 90s. Many people even know her as the “Queen of Country”. Reba is also one of the best-selling artists of all time, having sold over 85 million records worldwide.

The video below features her latest song. It is titled “Back To God” and it is truly incredible. Co-written by Randy Houser and Dallas Davidson, you can find this beautiful song in her gospel album “Sing It Now: Songs Of Hope And Faith”. Wait till you hear the lyrics! You will be speechless!

Check out this amazing song below! Did you enjoy this as much as we did? Don’t forget to share what you thought about it in the comments section!

Taylor Swift released her song, “You Belong with Me”, in 2008. It went on to become a great hit. Many people think the song actually led her to where she is today. In the music video, Taylor wore a marching-band costume and ended it on a beautiful dress. She has many fans all over the world and many young girls even try to copy her. Xia Vigor is one of them.

Xia is just seven years old, but she is quite talented. This little star recently went on the hit Philippine television show,”Your Face Sounds Familiar Kids”. She did a wonderful performance of “You Belong with Me” on the stage. Her performance managed to wow even the judges! And now the internet is going crazy over her performance. Xia wore similar costumes Taylor wore in the music video.

Watch her perform below! Did you enjoy this? Let us know what you thought about it in the comments!

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