Humans are very ignorant creatures. They don’t care about their environment, and sadly, their negligence often causes harm to other creatures in the world. Our carelessness has destroyed many things around us. But some of us still don’t seem to realize it. The video below features an example of this.

A person carelessly threw a can outside. But a little cub ended up getting himself stuck in the can. When a stranger heard the cub screaming in his backyard, he came rushing to see what was going on. When he saw the peril the tiny animal was in, he decided to help him out. You are going to be smiling from ear to ear when you see how the cub reacts after getting rescued.

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The goldfish featured in the video below is named Sally. She is 23 years old and this makes her around 161 years in dog years. Pretty amazing, huh? Because of her old age, Sally has started to have some adverse effects on her life. Sally struggles to stay afloat and swim. This was not only hard for her, but also for her loving owner.

But that’s when a man name Aidan came to her rescue. He is her owner’s boyfriend and he says it was heartbreaking to see Sally struggle so much. So he wanted to help. He created a flotation device to help her regain her buoyancy. He says, “For the past few months she was stuck on the bottom of her tank. It was heartbreaking. So I made her a little lifejacket and now she’s killing it!” Wait till you see his creation for yourself.

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Many animals end up getting put on the euthanasia list just because they are born with a condition. The Siberian husky featured in the video below was one of them. Casper was born with swimmer syndrome, which is a condition that makes it nearly impossible for a dog to walk or even stand. His breeder didn’t know how to care for him and was trying to kill him.

But Coastal German Shepherd Rescue stepped up to his rescue. They called in an animal therapist and acuscope biotechnician called Gina who brought him to a vet. Sadly, the vet advised her to put him down as well. But Gina was having none of it. She took the puppy home and started giving him some treatment. Casper was moving around by day 5 and he was able to run like a normal puppy by day 10. He was adopted by a young man in the next few days.

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Women still live in continuous danger of being abducted, raped, or held against their will for forced marriages in many parts of the world. Rural Ethiopia is one of these places. Almost 70% of marriages in this African nation are forced by kidnapping. Marrying young girls after taking them hostage has been a deep-rooted marriage custom. This normally happens in rural and poor areas where most of the country’s 71 million people live.

In one instance, a 12 year old girl was kidnapped and beaten by seven men. The poor kid had been missing for a week and her family was very worried about her. The cops were doing everything they could, but they couldn’t find a trace. But then something unbelievable happened. Three wild lions stepped in and rescued the young girl themselves.


The little girl was beaten and hurt when the officers found her on the outskirts of a place called Bita Genet. They also noticed that she was also being guarded by three huge lions. The lions also allegedly chased off her captors.

Sgt. Wodnimu Wedajo of the police force reports, “They stood guard until we found her and then they just left her like a gift and went back into the forest.”


Stuart Williams, a wildlife expert, says the girl’s crying might have saved her life.

“A young girl whimpering could be mistaken for the mewing sound from a lion cub, which in turn could explain why they didn’t eat her.”


The town believes that what happened to the kid is a miracle.

“Everyone thinks this is some kind of miracle, because normally lions would attack people.”

We will never know if this was divine intervention or just coincidence, but it is a story one cannot easily forget. The police found four of the men involved in the crime, while the others are still being chased.

( h/t: NBC News )

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A mother’s love is matchless. It simply has no comparison. She loves her children with everything she has got and can do anything to keep them from getting hurt. She can become fierce when it comes to protecting her kids. Mothers are known to even put themselves in harm’s way for her children. And this is not only true for humans, but for animals as well.

Just take a look at this amazing mama cat for example. When the house she was living caught fire, this concerned mom didn’t stand by for the firefighters to arrive and save her kids. She ran inside to rescue them herself. She ran five times through the flames to save all her kittens, and even though this caused her fur to be singed and her eyes to be blistered shut, she did it! Her family was treated for injuries and is in good health.

Take a look at this heart-moving picture:


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Dogs are one of the friendliest creatures in the world. They love to socialize with humans and other animals alike. However, sometimes they don’t get what they deserve. Take for example the dog featured in the video below. This poor girl was chained for 10 years with little to no interaction with anyone. She had no blankets, toys, or bones, and her owners often gave her food and water that weren’t clean.

Her cruel owners were even caught urinating on her from the porch. Even though the British Columbia SPCA was informed about her state, they didn’t intervene or step in to help her. But that’s when Animal Advocates of British Columbia came to the rescue. The dog had matted fur, was covered in feces and urine, and could hardly walk due to her aching hips. She was given medical treatment and has now been adopted into a loving home.

Watch her touching story in the video below.

There are lots of people in the world. Some of them are simply amazing, while others are the complete opposites of these amazing people. One of these monsters threw a newborn baby on the streets of Oman and abandoned the poor thing to die.

But thankfully, a stray dog saw the baby. He was hungry and searching for food when he encountered the infant. The newborn is suspected of being around a few hours old since it still had the umbilical cord attached to its body.


The dog didn’t harm the baby even though he was hungry. But instead, he picked the infant and carried him to the closest house he could find. He wanted to help the human child and get it out of the streets and into the safety of a home.


Hearing his urgent barks, the family in the house rushed and opened the door. They were stunned when they noticed what the pooch had brought to them. They didn’t waste any time and took the baby to the hospital. Thanks to them and the heroic dog, the baby survived. It’s safe to even say that the pooch rescued the baby.

Some of us don’t really care that much about stray animals. Some of us even mistreat them. They are neglected and abused while they struggle to find enough food and shelter to survive. But this wonderful dog shows us why they deserve all our love.

( h/t: Pets Fans )

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There are lots of incredible people on our planet. But sadly, there are some not so amazing people too. Liszka was raised by one of these heartless persons. Ever since she was a little puppy, the poor dog was brought up in harsh conditions by her abusive owner who locked her up in a rusty box surrounded by her own litter. She was almost never let out of her cage, so her back legs had begun to seize up from lack of use.

A group of rescuers found her before it was too late, but her cruel owner was hostile towards the rescue team too. They ended up asking the police for help. Liszka was finally rescued and her legs are still recovering. Doctors hope she will be back to normal soon. Her owner is facing multiple animal abuse charges.

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The video below features a reunion that is going to leave you smiling from ear to ear. Chunkie the puppy was overcome with excitement when she got to meet her savior, Mike Thawley, once again. The firefighter from Fire Station 14 in Sacramento, CA found sick Chunkie tied up in the rain. No one approached to claim her and no one cared for her.

Mike took her to Front Street Animal Shelter for medical attention. The staff treated her mange and she was dressed in a warm clothing to protect her skin. When Mike left her, she missed him terribly. That is why when he arrived to check on her the following day, she lost it! Their amazing reunion warmed my heart! Mike is now trying to get his family’s approval to foster Chunkie. Let’s hope they agree!

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A mother’s love for her children is incomparable. She holds them dear to her heart and it pains her to see them in trouble. This is not only true in the case of humans, but for animals as well. Just take for example the video featured below. This mama goose couldn’t help but worry when she saw one of her tiny baby goslings tangled in a Mother’s Day balloon string. But what happened next will leave you in awe.

After seeing the predicament her baby was in, the mom went straight to the Cincinnati Police Department. Sergeant Givens then called the SPCA Wildlife. Sadly, they had no one to assist. He then made a call over the radio and Officer Cecilia Charron arrived to lend him a hand. The baby was then untangled from the string.

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