Dogs are social creatures. They can befriend almost anyone they come across. From humans to lions to even giant elephants – no one is exempt from their friendliness. They also have the capability of emotionally understanding other animals in need. The video below features two precious dogs having the time of their lives together.

If you have been on the internet long enough, you probably know about Mishka the husky. This cute pooch went viral on the internet for her “talking” abilities. Her sister, Laika, is just as famous as her. Their owners share their videos on YouTube for us all to see. Laika met a puppy called Rook when she was just a baby. They went on to become the best of friends, but wait till you see the duo reunite years later! You are going to smile from ear to ear for sure!

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When we don’t get enough sleep at night, the next day can end up becoming very frustrating. Sleep is very vital for anyone’s wellbeing. Sleepless nights can even affect your health. So it is very important to get a good night’s sleep. But sometimes we just can’t get a good nap because of some complications. And Tal Solomon knows all about it.

The comedian has a very tough time sleeping because of his cute little Cavalier King Charles spaniel. The precious dog is very small in size, but his snores are much too loud for his body. So in order to let his dog know, Tal came up with an ingenious idea. He took out his phone and recorded the snoring pooch. Then he replayed the footage loud enough for the sleeping dog to hear. Wait till you see how the little pooch reacts to the sounds of his own snores!

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Our brothers and sisters in the army are some of the most amazing and brave people in the world. They always put their nation before themselves. Usually deployed in far off lands, some of these incredible people don’t really return alive. That is why when they finally come back home, we as a nation, feel happy and proud.

In this video we get to see a reunion that is sure to bring tears to your eyes. This soldier wanted to surprise his dog when he arrived home. In order to do so, he hid under the sheets. When the dog enters the room, you can tell that he is a bit bewildered – probably because he already knows something is out of place. Wait till you see when the soldier reveals himself!

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Humans are brave creatures, but we have many fears. Some of our fears are legitimately scary, while some of our fears don’t make any sense at all. And this is true for not only humans, but for our animal friends too. Take for example the adorable German Shepherd featured in the video below. This will surely melt your heart.

This precious dog gets scared stiff when it comes to dealing with wooden floors. This might seem like an irrational fear to most of us, but the little boy has it hard. He might have had a bad history slipping on the wood, which might be the reason why he reacts that way. Or maybe it’s because of his nails. But wait till you see how bravely he crosses the floor! I wish his owners would consider putting carpets for him.

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Dogs are incredible creatures. They are adorable and one of the most loyal companions you could ever hope to find. Not to mention, they are also very amusing. And what’s more, they don’t intend to be funny. They are just naturally entertaining. They can instantly bring a smile to your face without really trying. Take for instance the precious pup featured below.

This cute little pooch is named Mike. When he was sleeping one day, he looked so adorable that his owner couldn’t stop himself from himself from filming him. But dad was left in shock when little Mike let a big one rip. Even the puppy is surprised by what he just did! He wakes up in a fright and looks around in confusion trying to discern what just happened!

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Winter is a wonderful season. In many parts of the world, it snows during winter time. I have yet to meet a person who hates snow. I mean who wouldn’t love playing in the snow?! It is one of the best things about winter! Just ask this happy pooch featured in the video below! You will be smiling from ear to ear for sure when you see how he plays out in the cold!

This adorable guy is a Maremma/Pyrenees sheep dog. He is called Fingal and he loves the snow. During the final days of winter last year, Fingal went up a snow-covered hill with his family. The snow was almost gone, but the pooch still knew how to have fun! He took turns sliding down the slope and his reaction is really precious!

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Many animals end up getting put on the euthanasia list just because they are born with a condition. The Siberian husky featured in the video below was one of them. Casper was born with swimmer syndrome, which is a condition that makes it nearly impossible for a dog to walk or even stand. His breeder didn’t know how to care for him and was trying to kill him.

But Coastal German Shepherd Rescue stepped up to his rescue. They called in an animal therapist and acuscope biotechnician called Gina who brought him to a vet. Sadly, the vet advised her to put him down as well. But Gina was having none of it. She took the puppy home and started giving him some treatment. Casper was moving around by day 5 and he was able to run like a normal puppy by day 10. He was adopted by a young man in the next few days.

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Some dogs are really averse to getting baths. They don’t really like water that much. If you own a dog, you probably know exactly what I am talking about. Giving bath to your pet is one of the hardest things ever. Just ask this poor woman. You are going to be in stitches when you see how her dog reacts when she tries to give him a bath.

This adorable boxer is called Milo. He loathes bath time and his owner always has to go through more than she asked for when it time for him to shower. According to her, he tries hiding at first. But when that doesn’t work, he stays put at one spot without moving at all. He uses his cute face to try and persuade his mom, but she is not one to give up easily either. Wait till you see their interaction!

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Dogs are weird sometimes. If you have ever owned a pooch before, you probably know how much they hate water. However, the dog in the video below is an exception it seems. Some dogs actually don’t hate getting wet – they tend to love water more than we can imagine. Just take a look at this adorable girl for example!

Many of us have it really hard when it comes to giving baths to our pets – especially if the said pet is a cat or a dog. No matter what we do; we just can’t convince them to get into the water. But this woman is quite lucky. Her Rottweiler, Lena, is in love with water. She even takes showers on her own when her owners aren’t watching. You are going to be in hysterics when you see this!

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There are many types of dog breeds on our planet. And as we all know, different breeds have different personalities. Some dogs are docile and gentle, while some of them are known for their never-ending energy. Adorable and stocky bulldogs are famous all over the world for their lazy attitude. Though bulldogs were originally bred for the sport of bullbaiting and were regarded as being ferocious creatures, their temperament has long since changed.

This clip is a compilation of some hilarious footage showing the goofy side of bulldogs. You are going to crack up for sure when you see this! Bulldogs are one of the most popular breeds in the world and this video shows us why. They might not be everyone’s preference, but they will definitely win you over!

Watch this cute little video below! Did this bring a smile to your face? Don’t forget to share your thoughts with us in the comments!

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