A Romanian local heard the cries of some baby animals when he was walking near a road just outside of his town. He decided to call for help. That’s when a rescue organization called Howl Of A Dog stepped into the scene. The team was expecting to see some wild animal or stray dog or cat in need, but they say that what they came across was one of the worst cases of animal cruelty they had ever dealt with.

A litter of puppies were tied up in a bag and thrown away for dead. It was a miracle that they had even survived, since it was a very rainy and chilly autumn morning. Their bodies were cold and their umbilical cords were still attached to them. They took the little ones to safety, but sadly, four of the rescued puppies couldn’t live on. The remaining three made a great recovery and are almost five months old.

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In order to maintain a healthy body, everyone needs to exercise on a regular basis. We race to the gym every day, but that doesn’t mean we enjoy it. Working out leaves you tried and exhausted. It needs commitment, but most of us try to avoid it. And this adorable pooch featured below is not an exception it seems.

When the weather is bad outside, most owners take their pets to the treadmill. However, when it was time for him to run, this crafty dog invented a genius way to pull wool over his mom’s eyes. Sadly, it didn’t work out for him. He had just been running for 10 seconds, when his mom saw him cheat. Wait till you see how he reacts when his mom catches him red-handed.

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Mailmen usually encounter lots of different pets along their route. Their interaction with these pets also differs. Some animals are really friendly, while others don’t like them approaching their house. The video below features a very social pooch. When this mailman visits this particular house, he is always greeted with the utmost enthusiasm. You are going to be smiling from ear to ear when you see their interaction.

The little boy is called Nemo. When he finds out the mailman has arrived, he runs outside to meet him. He takes the mail inside the house and then he comes out again. But you are going to melt when you see what happens next. The video below has been viewed by thousands of people since it was first uploaded! Wait till you see this!

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Star Wars is one of the most famous movie franchises in the world. Ever since the first release, Star Wars Episode IV in 1977, it has managed to establish itself as a worldwide pop culture phenomenon. And no one is complaining! It is an iconic movie!

One of the most unforgettable characters from the series were the Wookiees. Chewbacca is the most popular Wookiee without a doubt. Everyone remembers him as the adorable and short tempered friend of Han Solo. However, many people recognize him because of the sound he makes. It is a tough sound to copy, but as you can see in this video, this tiny puppy has no problem making it. He is recently learning how to howl, but the sound he makes is very comparable to the sound Chewbacca makes. He has even been give the nickname of “Wookiee”!

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The video below features the story of a brave dog called Little Belle. This poor pooch had been locked up in a puppy mill in Portugal for 12 years, giving birth to uncountable litter of puppies. But that’s when Bianca Associado stepped up and decided to rescue her. She was undernourished, had Leishmania, glaucoma in her left eye, ingrown nails, and no muscles. But soon she got treatment and was adopted in 2011 by a family in the Netherlands.

Little Belle was treated for Leishmania and she had to undergo surgery because of dental problems. She even had her eye removed. But she showed everyone that she is a survivor. Her owner says that the little girl used to be scared of almost everything, but now she has opened up tremendously. Belle loves to explore and go on adventures. She lost her eyesight completely in 2015, but even that hasn’t killed her enthusiasm towards life! Wait till you see this amazing girl for yourself!

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When you are having a bad day, watching dog videos on the internet really helps. Dogs are lovable creatures that can make you smile without really intending to. They always manage to put you in a good mood somehow. May be it is because they really know how to have fun. For example, just take a look at this adorable pooch featured below!

This cute dog is called Bailey. After the onslaught of a massive blizzard in Colorado one day in the late 90s, Bailey went out of the house to play in the snow. Luckily, her owner managed to capture the video for us all to see. You are going to be smiling from ear to ear when you see Bailey frolicking around without a care in the world. Because of her love for the snow, she has even been nicknamed “Bailey the Unknown Reindeer.”

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Kids love visiting their grandparents’ house. They can do whatever they like, even things that mom and dad forbid them to do! They get freshly-baked goods, money, presents, and what not! This is probably one of the reasons children are so close with their grandparents. And as you can see from the video below, this is true for humans as well as animals.

This precious pooch is named Georgia and belongs to Samantha Magowan. She loves going to visit her nana. In this clip, Samantha tells Georgia that she is taking her to nana’s place. But you are going to be shocked when you see how the tiny girl reacts next! It is the cutest thing ever! Every time Samantha says the word “nana”, Georgia responds so adorably!

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There are many kinds of dog breeds in the world. Similar to humans, dogs have different personalities too. Boxers are some of the most energetic things in the world, while bulldogs are popular all over for their laziness. Golden Retrievers are revered for being great family dogs and border collies are said to be the smartest. In this video, we meet a breed which is known for their “talkativeness”. Yes you guessed it correctly; the husky!

Huskies are really vocal breeds. And the adorable pooch below is the perfect example. This cute boy loves staying up till late in the night, but his mom thinks otherwise. She asks him to go to bed early, but the husky doesn’t want that. This often leads to some hilarious arguments between them, one of which is featured below. Wait till you see him talk back to his owner!

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The adorable pooch featured in the video below is named Moses. He was brought to the Stanislaus Animal Services Agency in Modesto, California to be surrendered by his owner. But when he realized why he was there, he clung to the woman and begged her to take him back. Nancy Klein was going to leave the establishment when she saw the heartbreaking scene. Wait till you see what her camera captured.

His owner said she was moving houses, and that Moses wasn’t allowed in this new house. So she had to leave the poor pooch behind. Moses is a very affectionate dog. After his owner left, he crawled into Nancy’s lap, hoping she would take him home. She says he wasn’t very excited about the shelter since he had already had been adopted from one just about a year ago.

Moses is good with animals like cats and dogs. He is also great with children. If you can help him, don’t forget to contact Stanislaus Animal Shelter Agency at 209.558.7387. His identification number is ID#A436891.

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Babies are absolute bundles of joy. They are incredible and they have a way of bringing happiness to not only their parents, but everyone around them. Dogs are also similar to them. They can lift your mood in a few seconds and are quite amusing companions. But every time a dog and a baby come together, they create the most heartwarming moments ever. Look at this video for example.

In this clip, we meet a big pooch and his tiny human sibling. The duo is peacefully sleeping side by side without a care in the world. The dog even snores, but the sound doesn’t affect the baby at all. He sleeps through all of it – probably because he has gotten used to all the snoring from their many naps together!

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