Many animals end up getting put on the euthanasia list just because they are born with a condition. The Siberian husky featured in the video below was one of them. Casper was born with swimmer syndrome, which is a condition that makes it nearly impossible for a dog to walk or even stand. His breeder didn’t know how to care for him and was trying to kill him.

But Coastal German Shepherd Rescue stepped up to his rescue. They called in an animal therapist and acuscope biotechnician called Gina who brought him to a vet. Sadly, the vet advised her to put him down as well. But Gina was having none of it. She took the puppy home and started giving him some treatment. Casper was moving around by day 5 and he was able to run like a normal puppy by day 10. He was adopted by a young man in the next few days.

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